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Appleseed Tree Service, Inc.
P.O. Box 1285
Decatur, GA 30031

Appleseed Tree Service has been in the business of urban forest management for Decatur and surrounding Intown communities since 1986.

Free Wood Chips

Appleseed Tree Service is proud to support Oakhurst Garden & Wylde Woods. When requesting your Free Wood Chips, we ask that you consider making a donation to support their service to the greater Decatur community as a beautiful space to learn and enjoy. To learn more, visit:

Please fill out form below. Please be advised we need good access for a large truck, without overhead obstructions and level terrain (preferably pavement). The wood chips will not be uniform in shape or dyed. They are usually a mixture of wood with some twigs and leaves. The schedule for delivery is random and often last minute. You will be notified prior to delivery.

The chips are delivered in a large pile. We cannot spread the chips or split a single load into two or more piles. Nor can we deliver a load smaller than the truck carries. Also, once delivered we will not pick up.

You'll receive an entire dump trucks worth of wood chips, which can be as much as 20 cubic yards, approximately. There is no way to request a specific amount; you won't know how much you're getting until it shows up. That may seem like a lot, but wood chips break down quickly, and it's recommended to spread them in a thick layer to work effectively, up to 9" thick! If you end up having more than you need, give some away to your neighbors!
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